Traffic problems, even worse

Hi everyone,

the traffic in the phpGrabComics web site is getting more expensive, day by day. I would have never tought that I would consider shutting down phpGrabComics because of its success, but it's really becoming a problem.  

The problems that I reported the last month have been becoming worse. Traffic is increasing again.

From the 1st to the 15th of February, phpGrabComics had 3.11 GB of user traffic, and 9.28 GB of robot traffic (incoming). Then there is the traffic that phpGrabComics generates to get the information. And, of course, header overhead - those are just the numbers as reported by Awstats.

The bandwidth upgrade that I did just less than a month ago is not enought any more.

If you can, try to help with a donation. 

If the situation is not solved, by the end of the month I will forbid access to search engines. And if that's not enough, I might have to take more drastic measures.

Sorry about the news,