Traffic problems

Hi everyone, this is not the first time that I'm asking for some help... Indeed, in the last years I have recieved some contributions for the project. Contributions are of course very, very wellcome. Nevertheless, the total number of contributions that I got during the last year can pay more or less 15 days of my hosting costs... I had to set up a semi-dedicated machine for phpGrabComics. I bought a server, with two friends, and we are sharing the costs of it, everyone putting in it its own projects. The box is a Dell SC420, with 1GB of RAM - we bought it more or less one year ago. After few weeks it was clear that the machine couldn't cope with the load, and we had to add other 2 GB of RAM. Now, today, we had to upgrade the bandwith for the machine. I received a call from my provider, 2 days ago, complaining that I was over the agreed bandwidth limit. They have been very nice, but still I had to upgrade the bandwidth to 50 GB per month. Here are some numbers from awstats, for phpGrabComics: 2,000 visitors per day, 200 MB per day, almost all RSS traffic (81%). It's 4 GB per month. Yes. This is of course not considering the traffic generating by incomics requests. Nor the traffic generated by phpGrabComics requests to other web sites, to fetch the comics. I have no data for that - but I would not be surprised if it would be really huge. You may be asking what I'm up to... Well, I'm asking for some help form the community of users... Andres