Time for action

Hi everyone,

in the interest of phpGrabComics users I have decided to start blocking ip ranges and user agents. High amounts of traffic are generated by few ips - which do not appear to be legit in some cases.

I have already delayed Google, and the robots.txt file is asking robots to parse the web site more slowly. I'm not sure of which search engines are supporting the delay request - and I'm quite sure that there are accesses to the web site that appear to have originated from google but are not.

If your ip or user agent is banned, you will see a error 403 page or you may do not have access to the phpGrabComics site at all. If by any reason you think that there's been an error in banning your ip or user agent, please post a message in the forums or in the mailing list and explain the situation.

You may be banned as a result of an error, but I do not see any other solution for the time being.

Sorry for the bad news,