phpGrabComics, originally developed to grab Dilbert strips from the web, is now supporting more than 300 comics.

The number of supported modules is already quite high; it is likely to increase slowly in future releases.

phpGrabComics statistics show that the 3 most used modules account for most of the traffic.

The following tables shows the increase of supported modules through the different releases.

supported comics

phpGrabComics development for the next few months will be focused on:

  1. Improving the support of RSS and OPML
  2. Interoperability with similar applications
  3. Writing documentation
  4. Making installation easier
  5. Porting phpGrabComics to different environments (e.g. desktop application) and operating systems (BSD systems, GNU/Debian, RPM based distributions)

(last updated 2005/Apr/10)

Involvement of new users and developers is welcome smile and if you have new ideas for phpGrabComics do not hesitate to contact the authors.