pyGrabComics is a python port of phpGrabComics, aimed to download your favourite comics to your desktop.

It connects to a phpGrabComics server to gather information about the comics, and then gets them directly from their web sites.

You will get the comics fast. Downloading all the daily comics supported by phpGrabComics can take less than 6 minutes if you have a powerful processor, a Unix-like operative system (pyGrabComics is slower on Microsoft Windows) and enough bandwidth benchmarks of pyGrabComics and similar tools are welcome...

Do not download all the comics if you do not have a small bandwidth. It will take long time.

pyGrabComics is optimised for Unix-like systems (and includes an applet for the Gnome notification area), but will work with a command line interface on any system supporting python. Requires python and curl, and uses the default browser for displaying the downloaded comics.

This is a screenshot of pyGrabComics on Fedora Linux running XFce. Right-clicking on the "fat linux penguin" on the top-right corner allows to download the comics and to load the web page.

Windows users do not have a icon for the notification area (see screenshot below), but can use pyGrabComics from the command line.

How to Install

Before installing pyGrabComics, you need to install python and curl.

Python install should not be a problem.

Curl should be copied in your path. On windows, the folder c:\windows or c:\winnt will work. On Unix-like systems, you may install it at /usr/bin.

To install pygrabcomics:

  1. download pygrabcomics
  2. decompress the pygrabcomics archive
  3. run python install in the folder where the archive has been uncompressed