phpGrabComics for nuke!phpGrabComics port for phpNuke is a free software program developed to simplify the usage and installation of phpGrabComics.

phpGrabComics for nuke is a web service (based on phpGrabComics for syndication) and simply requires you to copy 2 files in the appropriate phpNuke folders. Download it now.

Before installing phpGrabComics for nuke, please read with attention the copyright information for phpGrabComics.

Please remember to enable phpGrabComics for nuke for the administrator of the site only, as redistribution of the comics is not permitted in most cases. You can use phpGrabComics for nuke for easily accessing the daily comics, for your personal use only.

The picture below shows how phpGrabComics for Nuke appears once installed. If you want to have a look at a live phpGrabComics for Nuke site, you can visit

You can find a phpGrabComics for nuke installation tutorial in italian at phpnukefordonkeys (registration required).

Some versions of phpGrabComics for nuke required a banner to be exposed. This is not the case any more for the last version of phpGrabComics for nuke (unless you configure the last version as the previous ones...).