There are many web sites that customize phpGrabComics and do not release/share their changes angry.

Please consider contributing to phpGrabComics with your code and your art works.

If you would like to contribute to the development, but you have not idea of what to do, here are some hints.

If you want to commit to the project for a medium to long timeframe, you may be included among the developers, but only after you have submitted your contributions for some time.

All the contributions will be credited in the change log and in the release notes, and authors have access to last development version of phpGrabComics. phpGrabComics development versions are less stable than released ones, but they do have more features (e.g. more comics) and less bugs (usually - not always).


phpGrabComics documentation needs always to be checked and improved. Translations of the documentation are welcome.


If you are a PHP developer, any help in building new modules or updating old ones is appreciated.

If you are a python developer, you may be interested in the development of pyGrabComics.

Beta testing of the development version is appreciated.


phpGrabComics and its ports needs to be packaged for different systems: BSD systems, GNU/Debian, RPM based distributions. At the present time, RPM and deb packages are provided after a release is (quite) stable.

You may start looking at the existing releases and improving the quality of the packages.


Both the phpGrabComics server and the site for the phpGrabComics project need restyling.

pyGrabComics requires icons for the different states of the Gnome applet: downloading comics, error downloading comics, ok.


You are always welcome to test phpGrabComics and to report bugs.

You can help:

  • Trying phpGrabComics on different browsers and different operating systems, and reporting in which configurations is working and in which is not.
  • Proofreading phpGrabComics pages and reporting spelling errors.
  • Finding usability problems.