Command line

getcomics.php and are command line programs that allow to retrieve comics from the web.

They can be used, for example:

  • to automatically download and archive comics in the local computer
  • to build a custom desktop with the daily comics
  • to download the daily comics for other programs

Moreover, getcomics.php can be used to force an update of the comics in a phpGrabComics server: no strip will be downloaded unless the phpGrabComics server is instructed to do so. More information available in the documentation.

getcomics.php and can be easily integrated with other applications.

getcomics.php is included in the phpGrabComics server package; is part of pyGrabComics. They have been tested both on Unix-like systems and on Microsoft Windows.

getcomics.php does not require any specific PHP module and can be detached from phpGrabComics server:

  • You can use getcomics.php to connect to any phpGrabComics server
  • If you do not have command-line access in your web server, but you want to use getcomics.php to automatically download your favourite comics, you can copy getcomics.php in your client computer. This will force the server to update the comics.