The day after

Hi everyone,

the drastic measures that I have taken during the weekend are having effect and the traffic has been reduced. Yesterday the traffic was down to a more reasonable 57+ mb, instead of the usual 200+ that was the typical bandwidth use in February.

Nevertheless, I have only slightly more than 1gb of bandwidth left for the month. And 11 days to go, and other domain hosted on the server. Which means that I have decreased even more the speed for phpGrabComics.

Blocked IP ranges

Hi everyone,

I have decided to block some IP ranges too:


Each of those IP ranges generated over a million requests since December, 6th to today.

Many of those IP are mapped to - I can't exclude blocking the access to altogether for the next 15 days.

Time for action

Hi everyone,

in the interest of phpGrabComics users I have decided to start blocking ip ranges and user agents. High amounts of traffic are generated by few ips - which do not appear to be legit in some cases.

I have already delayed Google, and the robots.txt file is asking robots to parse the web site more slowly. I'm not sure of which search engines are supporting the delay request - and I'm quite sure that there are accesses to the web site that appear to have originated from google but are not.

Traffic problems, even worse

Hi everyone,

the traffic in the phpGrabComics web site is getting more expensive, day by day. I would have never tought that I would consider shutting down phpGrabComics because of its success, but it's really becoming a problem.  

The problems that I reported the last month have been becoming worse. Traffic is increasing again.

Traffic problems

Hi everyone, this is not the first time that I'm asking for some help... Indeed, in the last years I have recieved some contributions for the project. Contributions are of course very, very wellcome. Nevertheless, the total number of contributions that I got during the last year can pay more or less 15 days of my hosting costs... I had to set up a semi-dedicated machine for phpGrabComics. I bought a server, with two friends, and we are sharing the costs of it, everyone putting in it its own projects. The box is a Dell SC420, with 1GB of RAM - we bought it more or less one year ago.