GnuGNU phpGrabComics is a software program to grab and save comic strips from the web. Its aim is to help users to read and archive their favourite comic strips.

It supports grabbing today's strip from several sites, such as Dilbert, Calvin and Hobbes, Snoopy and Il Manifesto. More than 300 strips are supported and working in the current version.

The phpGrabComics server is aimed to developers, and allows to download strips from different sources and to automatically save the comics.

The phpGrabComics ports are simple, tiny applications (more) aimed to the final user. phpGrabComics ports get from the server the list of available comics and the information on how to retrieve the comics. The ports can always use the latest list of comics, as soon as their are available in a phpGrabComics server.

Both the server and the ports can download the strips.

All comics are copyright of respective owners, and redistribution of the comics is, for most comics and in most circumstances, not permitted. phpGrabComics is intended for personal use only.

phpGrabComics is available for download here and a demo is available here.

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